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James Calder

James is a Philadelphia based director of marketing for STRATIS, an access, energy, and automation SaaS. He writes about IoT, Smart Cities, Business, and more and is a frequent contributor on the Huffington Post, ReadWrite, LinkedIn, and other sites. He was named Top Voices on LinkedIn in 2015, out of more than 2 million bloggers on that platform.

Using IoT in Real Estate: How To Recruit Modern Residents

The competition for attention and rent dollars of a multifamily tenant property remains extremely competitive. The properties that move fast to evolve quickly alongside with advancements in smart ...

App Fatigue in Smart Homes and Smart Apartments

I was recently at a friend’s house for an end of summer pool party with the kids. Like many in single family homes today, our friends have their place outfitted with several IoT devices. My friend ...
We should still spell out internet of things

Why We Still Need To Spell Out Internet of Things

As a marketer in IoT I have noticed that many in marketing and communications feel the need to spell out Internet of Things. For quite some time I have been tired of spelling out Internet of Thing...
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