James Schaefer, Author at IoT For All

James Schaefer

Senior Writer, IoT For All

James is a Senior Writer at IoT For All. His writing focuses on development and security. When he isn't heads down in a new database software or learning a new templating language, James enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and brewing beer.

Ring Door Bell

Huge Vulnerability Discovered in the Ring Doorbell

In order for the Internet of Things to be secure, every stakeholder from the hardware manufacturer to the service creator has to take security seriously. As we’ve just seen with Ring, even if the c...

Smart Devices – What Makes Them “Smart”?

Lately, smart devices have been synonymous with anything that’s network-enabled. Whether that be lights (Phillips Hue), thermostats (Nest), or even toothbrushes (Prophix). But it’s more than just ...

The Internet of Things isn’t about “Things”

Let’s face it, IoT devices are a mess. When developing new connected products, the current trend seems to be, “let’s make an internet-connected device.” The results have been mixed. While there ha...

Chatbots Suck

Many believe that the app bubble is bursting or about to burst. In some cases, the evidence shown for this is financial. The WSJ cites a stagnation in app start-up funding. In other cases, the evid...