James Schaefer, Author at IoT For All

James Schaefer

James is working on product development and management at Leverege, an IoT software platform company, and is a 2016 Venture for America fellow. His writing focuses on development and security.

What Are the Autonomous Driving Levels?

What are the autonomous driving levels? They're a way of categorizing AV technology from fully human control (level 0) to full autonomy (level 5).

Blockchain Applications in IoT

Blockchain is no longer in its infancy, but it's still very new. Similar statements can be made about the Internet of Things (IoT). The...

Meet Cloud FireStore, Firebase’s More Scalable Older Brother

Since its founding, Firebase has had a profound impact on the database community, and we've used it ourselves here at Leverege. Firebase allows for...

Preventing IoT Hacking – Takeaways from 3 IoT Security White Papers

IoT security is often perceived as a hotbed of failures. However, extensive progress is being made in the field and a multitude of companies...

Huge Vulnerability Discovered in the Ring Doorbell

In order for the Internet of Things to be secure, every stakeholder from the hardware manufacturer to the service creator has to take security seriously. As we’ve just seen with Ring, even if the customer-facing company cares deeply about security, if the firmware provider doesn’t then it doesn’t matter.

Smart Devices – What Makes Them “Smart”?

Lately, smart devices have been synonymous with anything that’s network-enabled. Whether that be lights (Phillips Hue), thermostats (Nest), or even toothbrushes (Prophix)....