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ONVU Technologies

Oncam is an independent, specialized IP video and technology company with a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in today’s market. Oncam designs, delivers and deploys 360-degree and wide-angle smart IP video solutions – working with eco-system partners to deliver high-value business solutions for customers, that leverage Oncam’s award-winning 360-degree technology and solutions.

Oncam is part of ONVU Technologies and operates in multiple sectors across a diverse range of countries. From regional hubs in the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and South Africa, we provide security and technology solutions to customers in many countries around the world.

Video and IoT Devices Harness the Power of SOCs

As deep learning and machine learning-based analytics begin to become more pervasive in the industry, the role of SOCs will become even more pronounced.

Using Video and IoT for Business Continuity and Intelligence

When it comes to information gathering, one constant remains: video is central to the goal of assembling and disseminating intelligence across the globe. Every size business — from large, multinat...

Video’s Pivotal Role in the Internet of Things

Video plays a pivotal role in the IoT, generating an immense amount of data from connected devices. This data has the potential to be transformed from reactionary and investigative uses to allow us...
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