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Onvation empowers facility managers to proactively control & optimize restroom servicing, delivering an exceptional user experience with IoT technology.

Kimberly-Clark Professional has been dedicated to helping businesses navigate change and empowering workers for nearly 150 years. Today, our products enable our customers’ businesses to be more hygienic, safer, productive and sustainable than ever before. As we look towards the future, we're committed to providing our customers with a wide collection of essential products and services that help make their workplace exceptional.

Onvation®, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s smart restroom solution, exists to transform the workplace through smart cleaning technology. We believe the best path to an exceptional workplace starts in the restroom as most complaints and work orders are related to poor restroom conditions. The Onvation Smart Restroom Solution leverages smart-sensing technology in paper towel, bath tissue, hand soap and sanitizer dispensers to monitor and analyze restroom conditions in real-time. This data is tracked through the Onvation Dashboard which enables Facilities Managers to monitor cleaning activities and alert cleaners via the Onvation Compass™ app when action needs to be taken in the restroom. With the Onvation solution, Facilities Managers feel respected and in control as our smart cleaning technology enables more effective management of cleaning labor and consumable spend while delivering clean, well-stocked restrooms to their tenants and visitors.

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