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KnowThings.io is a CA Technologies startup accelerator. We are building a machine learning based device simulation to help IoT development teams build advanced virtual device prototypes and early-stage test & development with realistic data scenarios faster and at low cost.

Lessons from Running an IoT-Driven Aquaponics Greenhouse

In addition to running KnowThings, I have the privilege of being the CTO/Lead Engineer/ Lead QA Engineer for my wife’s farm, FunkNFresh Farms. CTO? Lead Engineer you ask? Well FunkNFresh Farms...

When Will We Have Human-like Assistants?

I joined the Star Wars fandom late in the game. I grew up in India, where Star Wars is less of a thing, but in 2015 I watched “Star Wars: The...

Why Design by Contract is Even More Important in IoT

Design by contract is nothing new. The term was first coined by Bertrand Meyer in the 1980s, and was influenced by his work on the Eiffel programming language. For those of...

3 Reasons Why Service Virtualization is Useful for IoT

As the IoT market is exploding and giving us many new kinds of devices to test, software testing is more important than ever. It needs to be easier, cost less and...