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Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips is the Director of Enterprise IoT at Bright Wolf, a leading IoT technology provider and system integrator helping Fortune 1000 companies design, develop, and deploy industrial connected product solutions. Marc is an experienced director of software and business teams with a track record of building successful partnerships and delivering value through integrating both technological and human systems.

Image of a repairman and a robot

How to Make Friends with Robots and Become a Superhero

There's a constant a stream of headlines repeating how machines are getting smarter every day. But there’s a human element here too. So many stories emphasize the “digital” and miss the real t...
Visualization of data streams flowing

The IIoT Data Is Already Here, It’s Just Not Equally Distributed

Many enterprises find early success at “proving the concept” of industrial IoT, but fail to realize monetary benefits from their investments. Providing value requires solutions that do more than e...
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