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Founded by embedded engineers from Fitbit, Pebble, and Oculus, Memfault created the first IoT Reliability Platform.

Memfault is the first IoT reliability platform that empowers teams to build robust devices with software at scale. Memfault applies device reliability engineering (DRE) techniques to transform the way developers build and operate IoT and edge devices. As IoT applications continue to grow in complexity, it is more important than ever for developers to integrate Memfault’s performance monitoring, debugging, and OTA update capabilities into their devices.

Memfault was built to provide developers with a more scalable and sustainable process to accelerate go-to-market, de-risk product launches, cut product costs, and deliver overall superior products. The company was founded by engineers with decades of experience from Fitbit, Oculus, and Pebble. Memfault is backed by Uncork Capital, Partech, S28 Capital, and Y Combinator.

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