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Michael White

Up to 52% of a typical project’s cost overruns stem from rework resulting from changes, errors, and omissions during design. Smart buildings can pose an even greater challenge--and opportunity. Design team-members are confronted with technology undergoing change at an unprecedented rate. As the smart building transitions from NICE-TO-HAVE to NEED-TO-HAVE, cybersecurity, IT/OT convergence, data analytics, semantic interoperability, and data policy have all become important considerations during early project vision development. Representing a global leader in research, technology, and innovation empowers me with compelling answers to HOW and WHAT when given the opportunity to START WITH THE WHY. The WHY, when it comes to the built environment, begins with the user in mind. Smart buildings are preventive healthcare opportunities, enabling creative flow while ethically aligned with policy and the rights of their users. They’re the single source of truth, always learning from their environments and making continuous improvements—sometimes autonomously. Smart buildings are digitally mindful through seamlessly unified applications. They are an extension of the user, not the user as an extension of technology. Smart buildings are smart throughout design and construction. They require a collaborative approach, where complexity is minimized, and design features enable a progressive and iterative incorporation of new technology throughout all phases of design, construction, operations, and maintenance. Smart buildings feature a virtual facilities management plan, successfully implemented through a smooth construction-to-operations exchange. Many of the HOWs and WHATs towards these WHYs include market-ready technology from Siemens through a proven-outcomes based approach. Reach out to me and experience for yourself how the people, processes, and technology within Siemens can be a critical part of your smart building design and construction team.

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