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The mioty alliance was founded in 2019 with the following goal: to enable the most accessible, robust and efficient Massive IoT connectivity solution on the market. As such, it brings together the expertise of the world's leading tech companies to create an end-to-end solution for the entire IoT value chain - from endpoints to base stations to IoT platforms. They are based on mioty® technology, a software-based LPWAN protocol.

mioty® reliably connects thousands of sensors to just one base station using telegram splitting: the data is sent over a distance of up to 15 kilometers in several partial packets and reconstructed in full at the base station.

Thus, mioty® already meets the requirements of future 5G and 6G technologies: maximum energy efficiency with a battery life of 20+ years, extreme robustness of data transmission and very high scalability of the network. For users, this results in economic benefits such as lower installation, maintenance and overall costs.

Due to the standardization of the technology via the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI TS 103 357), mioty® is also future-proof and can be easily integrated as software into new or existing devices.

mioty alliance
mioty alliance
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