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Myriota is the world leader in ultra-low-cost, long-battery-life, secure satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things anywhere on the Earth’s surface. With a deep heritage in telecommunications research, the world-first transmission of IoT data direct-to-nanosatellite was achieved in 2013; Myriota has made this ground-breaking technology commercially available for partners worldwide.

Enabled by this anywhere connectivity, a vibrant ecosystem of Myriota Partners, including Solution Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, are unlocking previously impossible or impractical use cases to deliver tangibly better outcomes across agriculture, defense, logistics, environmental monitoring, and more. With a growing portfolio of over 60 patents and support from major Australian and International investors, Myriota has revolutionized IoT.

From safeguarding critical resources to maximizing operational efficiency, global organizations now have access to critical data, anywhere and everywhere it’s needed.

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