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Onomondo helps new and existing IoT solutions to grow with seamless, global cellular connectivity and innovative IoT tools. Future-proof your solution with full data transparency, unparalleled flexibility, and no third parties.

We are founded on a drive to create technology that powers real change. Everything we do, we do with purpose and everything we build, we build with scale in mind.

Our reach is wide but our focus is narrow. We strive to unlock the true potential of IoT. An Internet of Things that shapes industries and fosters growth. One that optimizes resources and helps our planet. One that increases transparency and creates solutions for everyone.

Operator Lock-In for IoT Devices and How To Avoid It

Operator Lock-In for IoT Devices and How To Avoid It

One major problem facing IoT solutions is SIM operator lock-in. Freedom to Leave is a critical part of future-proofing your IoT solution.
Why Always-Active SIMs are Good for IoT

Why Always-Active SIMs are Good for IoT

Activating and deactivating SIMs should not be a big issue. Always-active IoT SIMs eliminate time wasted on managing SIM states and costs.

NB-IoT vs LTE-M: A Comparison

NB-IoT and LTE-M are brilliant LPWAN technologies for most IoT applications. Here is a comparison of the strengths and the weakness of the two IoT connectivity technologies.
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