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Dave Seeman

Partner, Ovyl

We help you build the best hardware for your business. We specialize in high-tech devices with high-end industrial design. Founded by an electrical engineer, an industrial designer, and a mechanical engineer, we've been solving cross-disciplinary problems since day one. That makes working with us feel like working with one close-knit and effective team. We maintain that cohesiveness by being transparent in our process and clear in our communication throughout every step of your experience. Our clients rely on Ovyl to approach problems with curiosity, passion, and open minds. Our goal is always to collaboratively develop a product that is better than what either of us could have imagined or created on our own. Together, we develop ideas into prototypes and manufactured products through 3 phases of development: strategy, design, and production.

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WiFi and Bluetooth: How Do They Compare and Differ?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both radio frequency technologies that wirelessly connect electronic devices, but there are some important differences in how they operate.
global chip shortage

What Caused the Global Chip Shortage?

Many factors contributed to the global chip shortage, and with the demand still up and rising, companies will need to respond.
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