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Pathway is a Platform for building real-time & reactive data products that scale. First enterprise deployments in Logistics & Supply Chains.

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Pathway is a data processing framework for building real-time and reactive data products that scale.

Pathway is used to build a single, harmonized and structured, source of truth for moving assets data. The transport process followed by containers, vehicles, and other shipments is inferred automatically from the provided historical data. New data, incoming in real time, is fed into the system and compared to this transport process and to transport plans. This allows Pathway Logistics App to raise alerts on anomalies and changes of process, all detected automatically. The SQL-based query capacity and dashboarding capacity of Pathway Logistics App is also used to run control towers, make predictions, analyze transport risks, and perform benchmarks.

The first enterprise deployments of Pathway are in Logistics and Supply Chains and are linked to trajectory and process mining for IoT data on things in motion. The solution is acclaimed by industry leaders such as the freight forwarder DB Schenker or postal services company like La Poste, who reduced their time to market of analytics projects from 3 months to 1 hour, and reduced the costs of their IoT deployment by 50%, respectively.

Build real-time & reactive data products at scale
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