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PX Venture Studio brings entrepreneurial grit to established companies so they can explore novel concepts and redefine their industries. We work side-by-side with venture teams to validate disruptive concepts, identify early adopters, get the first dollar of revenue, and accelerate towards product-market fit. For more information, visit: peerinsight.com/px

2020 Insurance Trends: Big Data Meets Direct-to-Consumer

Big changes are afoot in the insurance and financial services industries, driven by data access and advanced analytics, creating fresh competitive energy.

The Pivotal Role of Business APIs in IoT Platforms: Part II

Part 2 of this series outlines the "3 R's Framework" (Roles, Rights, Revenues) for designing IoT platform "business APIs" that attract partners and scale.

The Pivotal Role of Business APIs in IoT Platforms: Part I

Forward-thinking firms should create an IoT business API that is simple, transparent, and dynamic, to attract a healthy ecosystem of partners.

How Smart Should Your Smart Solution Be?

Before bringing a smart product to market, you should ask yourself, how smart does this product need to be? If your answer is, “As...

To Commercialize IoT, Embrace the Venture Structure

The technology that enables IoT has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. The commercialization methods, by contrast, haven’t changed much....