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Pratexo is the edge solution acceleration platform that brings the power of cloud computing to the far edge. Based on open and proven technologies, solutions built on Pratexo edge micro clouds are flexible, scalable, private, and secure.


Pratexo: Integrated Ship Operations o...

Pratexo edge computing platform-as-a-service simplifies and accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of integrated applications at the maritime edge.

Pratexo: K9 Emergency Management

Pratexo edge computing platform-as-a-service accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of safety applications at the K9 disaster site edge.


Santa Clara, California, United States


Meet Pratexo

Pratexo is the plug and play edge computing platform-as-a-service that simplifies and accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of the edge nodes and micro clouds required to host next-generation applications. Based on open and proven technologies, Pratexo unlocks the true value of AI and IoT by enabling you to process data and run applications locally - on the far edge - in real time.

We are particularly targeting industrial applications for Pratexo, including those found in energy and utilities, smart cities, maritime, and manufacturing. In these industries, most IoT data is still not fully utilized because it cannot all be sent to the cloud for reasons including security, privacy, latency, cost, etc. Pratexo technology is particularly suited to situations where a full-time connection to the public Internet is not possible or systems must be resilient to disconnection. We are also seeing increasing development of autonomous systems, using AI and machine learning, that must process that data close to or on the machine itself. Those are the challenges that Pratexo was built to solve.

Pratexo currently has offices in Texas, Norway, and Sweden.

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