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According to FAO data, agriculture consumes an average of 70% of existing water resources. Because water is an essential resource for the world's farms, optimizing its use is a priority to increase irrigation efficiency. The Pycno Team takes care of resources, accompanying the farmer to be more precise and competitive.

Pycno is a sensor that measures crop conditions remotely without any type of maintenance so that the farmer can make better decisions, save resources, reduce risks, and improve yields. - Forecast weather changes in your field in real time - Control and manage the water status of your crops - Autonomous operation without maintenance and easy installation - Anticipates the appearance of pests and diseases - Monitor the conditions of your field remotely and from any device - Real-time notifications to prevent risks We accompany you to BE MORE COMPETITIVE! Everything is changing and the way of measuring crop conditions is too. Our wireless sensors provide a revolutionary simple and low-cost way to collect real-time weather or soil data from a field or greenhouse, visualize it using cloud-driven analytics, and drive different control systems.

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