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Quectel is a global supplier of cellular IoT modules and antennas. We exist to connect devices and people to networks and services, powering digital innovation and helping to build a smarter world. Our products help make life more convenient, efficient, comfortable, prosperous and secure.



Meet Quectel

Quectel is a leading global IoT module and antenna supplier. The company is proud of its international and innovative team of experts and offers an impressive portfolio and range of products with 360-degree support. After ten years of constant growth Quectel's global footprint now includes:

• 50+ sales offices worldwide

• 90+ global distributors

• 3,000+ employees

• 2,300+ R&D engineers

The company strives to serve its more than 6,000 customers worldwide with a focus on quality and innovation and does so with:

• 6 R&D centers in Shanghai, Hefei, Guilin, Foshan, Belgrade and Vancouver.

• 3,000+ sqm of total lab space available to test our customers' products.

• 2,500+ test stations

Quectel's global teams offer unparalleled experience and expertise in IoT with a diverse team of exceptional talent drawn from all corners of the earth.

The international executive board in particular is extremely well connected in the modules and antenna industries, with each member contributing a wealth of relevant experience and a high profile network of professionals from leading IoT eco-system companies around the globe.

Quectel collaborates with multiple ecosystem partners, network service providers, certification bodies and suppliers, providing customers with innovative products and services of the highest quality. Delivering revenues of nearly $1 billion USD, Quectel shipped 113 million units in 2020 - demonstrating impressive year on year growth. This growth showcases Quectel’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to increasing demand – a key factor in such a rapidly developing industry. With significant investment in R&D and automation and innovations in 5G, LPWA, smart modules and C-V2X modules, Quectel continues to invest in the future of global IoT. With the largest R&D team in the industry, and its own factory, Quectel has over 2,300 engineers who offer global, cross-regional 360-degree support. No matter what solution or application, Quectel's FAEs, the largest local teams in the industry, can offer fast 24/7 global support either online via the website, portal or email, or can even visit you on-site if required.

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