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Rigado provides edge sensor networks for smart offices, retail and hospitality. Their gateways and plug-and-play sensors deliver occupancy, condition monitoring and asset tracking data to power Commercial IoT solutions.

Founded in 2010, Rigado is a leader in edge connectivity and computing solutions for commercial spaces. With deployments in over 20,000 locations and 75 countries, Rigado sensor networks connect more than 6 million wireless devices in offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Rigado's Cascade platform offers IoT solution providers and systems integrators a configurable edge connectivity and computing platform - combining gateways and plug-and-play devices into customized edge sensor networks. Unlike other closed-system sensor solutions, Rigado delivers data directly from the gateways to their partners' cloud endpoints - for a fully integrated solution.

Their edge sensor networks are often deployed by teams creating solutions to gather key operational data - such as space occupancy & utilization, environmental monitoring, or asset tracking & predictive maintenance - in commercial spaces.

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