Sameer Srivastava, Author at IoT For All

Sameer Srivastava

Sameer is a Product Engineer at Leverege who is interested in design thinking, UI/UX, and AI. He graduated from Northwestern with a degree in computer science and mechanical engineering.

WiFi for Indoor Positioning

Despite WiFi's security and accuracy drawbacks, with fingerprinting, sensor fusion, and security hardening, WiFi becomes a viable option for indoor positioning systems.

What is Indoor Positioning? A Technology Overview

Imagine if you could go into a grocery store, take what you need, and walk out. In fact, we don’t need to imagine; Amazon...

No More Servers – FaaS with Firebase Cloud Functions

It’s easier than ever to “spin up” or deploy your own server to support your business. Of course, it’s not exactly your own server,...

IoT Needs Qualitative User Research

There is little debate whether or not IoT is a hot and emerging field. According to General Electric, IoT will add $10 to $15...