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Sensahub is a leading edge platform for IoT, with an emphasis on delivering value for customers quickly, cheaply and easily through a flexible user interface that includes drag/drop dashboard layouts and graphical flow processing. Sensavation, the company responsible for Sensahub, focuses on building a partner channel to take Sensahub to market through ISV, Startups and Systems Integrator relationships.

Sensavation is a new Australian IoT startup business developing Sensahub to address market needs to make IoT simpler, easier and more effective.

Sensahub is an operating system for your sensors by adding intelligence to your Internet of Things by easily integrating and controlling sensors and transforming their data.

Although Sensahub has its roots in sophisticated home automation systems, the version in development will be industry sector agnostic and is currently being updated to incorporate lessons learnt and to include modern Open Source technologies and architectures. Cross industry applicability is achieved with a proven architecture and powerful functions that allow a high degree of configuration/ customization to suit most industry scenarios.

We intend Sensahub to be mostly used as the IoT engine for vertical market solutions, providing rich IoT services to a host application. This enables the vertical solution provider to focus on building the best vertical solution without the worry of specific skills and significant effort needed to properly integrate, control, process and manage access to external systems and data (sensors, web services and ERP/LoB systems). Initial market research has shown a lot of interest in Sensahub and is being considered for applications as varied as healthcare, energy management, industrial and home automation. We expect to complete the updates to Sensahub by April 2018. In the meantime we are looking to hear and get feedback from prospective customers as well as like-minded startups who may be be interested in partnering with us, so if the vision for Sensahub is of interest or you just want to know more about it, contact us at
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