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Senseware is a full-stack IoT solution of hardware, software, and cloud data. Our out-of-the-box smart building solution offers a simple way to integrate, monitor, and control building systems in real-time.

Senseware is a Vienna, Virginia-based Smart Building Solutions company offering an affordable facility monitoring and controls platform for the commercial and industrial building market. What began as a way to simply stream real-time energy data has blossomed into a full-blown universally-connected Internet of Thing ecosystem capable of connecting any device, system, or piece of equipment.

Our advanced wireless platform delivers building owners, operators, and facility managers a simple and affordable way to integrate, monitor, and control all their systems. Our cloud-hosted platform's combination of patent-pending hardware and software enables a wide range of applications from energy management, equipment-level monitoring, HVAC control solutions, and more through our easy-to-use interface or the software of your choosing. We're wrangling all of your things into one system for optimizing facility performance, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing costs.

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The Future of HVAC Lies in AI and IoT

IoT and AI are radically transforming the way HVAC works. In the 135 year history of HVAC technology, nothing has even come close in terms of impact.
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