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Sepio helps enterprises protect themselves against manipulated hardware or firmware that are usually introduced by internal abusers or supply chain attacks. Founded in 2016 by cybersecurity industry veterans, Sepio’s HAC-1 solution helps enterprises manage risks related to their hardware assets. HAC-1 is the first Hardware Access Control platform that provides unparalleled visibility and control of IT/OT/IoT devices. Through its Zero Trust approach, HAC-1 mitigates several security threats, such as those emanating from BYODs, insiders, and the supply chain. Sepio's physical layer fingerprinting technology discovers all managed, unmanaged, and hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to existing security and asset visibility tools.

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How Healthy Are the IoT Devices of Healthcare?

The only way to secure IoT devices and minimize their threat to the healthcare environment is through Layer 1 device security.
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IoT Devices: An Advantage or Being Taken Advantage of?

IoT devices are getting exploited by bad actors. Enterprises must tackle visibility issues associated with IoT security, starting with L1.
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