Shekhar Dasgupta, Contributing Writer At IoT For All

Shekhar Dasgupta

Shekhar Dasgupta is a thought leader in Industrial IoT. An industry veteran with nearly 40 years in the IT industry in US and India, he worked for a large MNC, an early stage enterprise software company, an Indo-French systems company manufacturing, before launching his own company, GreenField Software Private Limited ( Shekhar bootstrapped GreenField Software (GFS). Over the last seven years he conceptualized and successfully launched a portfolio of Industrial IoT applications for Industry 4.0 and Data Centers. Using a cost-effective sales model through partnerships, the company has an installed base in multiple countries. Prior to starting GFS, Shekhar was President of California based Solix Technologies, Inc. an early stage software company where he grew the business 20x during his six years. Earlier, he worked at Oracle India, and was its Managing Director from 1998 to 2005 leading a strategic initiative besides taking this organization to a leadership position in their APAC region.

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