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Sightline is an Industry 4.0 data intelligence and cybersecurity company that allows you to harness the power of AI to visualize millions of data points across processes and facilities, optimize the performance of equipment and systems, analyze root causes of issues within customized historical parameters, increase the efficiency of your IoT systems, predict future operations or downtime, alert you to any anomalies, and lock down potential security threats.

Sightline is so much more than just a customized monitoring & analytics solution for Industry 4.0, we allow you to harness the power of AI to visualize millions of data points across systems, optimize performance, analyze root causes of issues, increase efficiency, predict future operations or downtime, and alert you to any anomalies, including potential security threats.

Forget hiring a data scientist (or a team of data scientists) to pore over all your systems & process data across networks and facilities in order to gain insight into performance, bottlenecks, potential issues, or areas for future optimization. Sightline EDM™ offers a machine-learning-powered, unified, easy-to-use interface that combines all of your systems data needs: collecting millions of live data points across systems & facilities, visualizing performance information, monitoring for anomaly detection, analyzing root causes of events, identifying potential future issues or opportunities for optimization, and 24/7 alerting for your peace of mind. Sightline SIAS™ (Secure Intelligent Analytics Solution) combines the power of Sightline EDM™ data intelligence working directly with the best-in-class cybersecurity defensive systems in partnership with Unisys.

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