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IoT connectivity companies often make pricing and onboarding difficult. At SIMON IoT, we shatter expectations with transparent pricing for data and SIM cards. There is no guess work

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    Meet SIMON IoT

    This is a company founded by customers

    SIMON IoT was founded by service providers and resellers who have dealt with their share of issues in the IoT world and wanted to do things differently.

    Co-founders Jared Deith and David Isler spent years navigating the murky data service industry. They’ve dealt with complicated contract negotiations.

    They’ve been hit with hidden fees and service charges on exorbitant bills. They’ve had to wait for monthly summaries to see what their data usage looked like, and often paid the price for it. They’ve been stuck in customer service transfer loops; unable to get the answers they need. They knew there was a better way to deliver data and they were determined to do so.

    IoT SIM Cards Shattering Expectations
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