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We use continuous, wireless monitoring, and predictive, personalized medicine to help healthcare organizations intervene earlier and prevent illness. We reduce readmissions, reduce ER visits, and optimize staff time. Our FDA-cleared, all-in-one wearable continuously monitors patients at home or in the hospital. With seamless, automated integrations with a range of other devices, including glucose, spirometry, and weight monitoring devices, we obtain a complete, constant, and entirely passive picture of patient health. Our platform uses this data to generate sensitive and specific early warning alerts allowing healthcare organizations to intervene earlier.

Current Health is the most sophisticated remote patient monitoring and telehealth platform available. We help you reduce risk, cost, and readmissions while increasing reimbursement. How is Current Health different?

1) We use continuous wearable vitals monitoring to deliver unparalleled insight into daily health and activity.

2) We have an extensive ecosystem of best-in-class peripherals, allowing customization to patient conditions, including continuous glucose and spirometry.

3) We use sophisticated analytics to identify at-risk patients earlier based on the patient's reported symptoms and their health data. We then deliver a video visit straight to the patient to intervene earlier.

Our flexible programs can scale to do some or all of your pathways, from managing logistics and enrollment to our care management team monitoring and engaging patients.


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