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Software AG re-imagines integration, sparks business transformation, and enables fast innovation on the Internet of Things so you can pioneer differentiating business models. We give you the freedom to connect and integrate any technology—from app to edge. We help you free data from silos so it's shareable, usable, and powerful—enabling you to make the best decisions and unlock entirely new possibilities for growth.

Software AG is a software company founded in Germany in 1969. Today, Software AG operates in 70+ countries around the globe, offering a full product portfolio for Integration & API, IoT & Analytics, Business Transformation, and A&N.

Legacy IoT Users Can Move To Specialized IoT Solutions

Legacy IoT Users Can Move To Specialized IoT Solutions

For users of IoT services that will cease to exist next year, the clock is ticking. Here's how moving to IoT solutions will come into play.

Business Resilience: What IT Must Do to Deliver

How can IT contribute to business resilience? One way is to retrofit analog processes with IoT to tackle inefficiencies or cut out waste.

How to Disrupt with IoT and Edge Computing

Emerging technologies in IoT and IIoT, such as edge computing, are helping companies of every size and vertical to successfully convert into digital disruptors.

5G, Edge, and Industrial IoT

New 5G networks will transform many industry domains in the next several years. From factory floors to healthcare, financial services and even entertainment, industries will enter an entirely new p...

Four Ways to Transform Field Services Through IoT and Emerging Technologies

Field services is undergoing dramatic change, thanks to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Companies are redefining the way they manage assets and equipment in the field. Here are ...
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