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Sophie Miles

Sophie Miles has transformed a startup over the past ten years and found a way to survive and grow in the changing marketplace of Europe, becoming a leader in the segment and authentic case-study of internet business success. She now leads the expansion to USA, Canada, and South Africa.

Dollar signs printed on money patterns

3 Ways IoT Will Change Our Personal Finances

Connected networks and shared data will change our daily reality, including our personal finances. IoT will bring about countless advances in the world of personal finances to make our experiences ...

The Mindset and Insights IoT Needs From the Financial Services Industry

Financial services have been here for a long time and IoT can learn a lot of thing from it—especially FinTech security solutions. Look back to move forward.
A person monitoring a woman at a coffee shop.

Cybercriminals Take Aim: The Dark Side of IoT

As IoT extends network connectivity to a plethora of new objects, the number of attack surfaces increases manifold. IoT cybercrime is on the rise.
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