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SunTec.AI is a top data annotation company empowering businesses with high-quality training datasets for diverse AI/ML project needs. Rated as one of the industry's best data annotation companies, we are a sister company of the globally renowned IT outsourcing company - SunTec India. Our data annotation services are currently creating a global mark in one of the most advancing tech niches- AI & ML -through quality solutions for data labeling, image annotation, text annotation, and video annotation. We ensure high-quality, cost-effective, structured, and precise training data delivery with an output accuracy of over 99%. With a team of 700+ professionals, we enable businesses from diverse industries (healthcare, retail, automotive, robotics, etc.) to reach their business goals. Other than providing quality data annotation services, we also offer a mixed pool of services, including chatbot training services, data entry services, content moderation services, and sentiment analysis. ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality ISO 27001 certified for data security Skilled resource pool of domain experts Advanced AL/ML tools for annotation High-quality output datasets Cost-effective solutions Quick turnaround time Visit our website to explore more about our services and pricing models.

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