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Tantiv4's IoT platform is bridging this gap in the industry with a leading ThingaOS IoT Edge and Cloud SaaS Platform to enhance the growth of connected devices for the Internet of Things.

Tantiv4 Inc., headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is powering the next wave of complex IoT products and solutions with its unique platform focused on simplifying technology. This will benefit both enterprises and everyday consumers to achieve seamless automation of intended business efficiency and lifestyles. Our Advanced AI based Smart Interactive IoT Platform - ThingaOS™ operates on all popular cloud eco-systems, RF protocols and supports several control and voice interfaces.

We at Tantiv4 are focused on improving Business Efficiencies and ROIs by Creating an Innovative and Intelligent IoT Ecosystem Powered with Seamless Automation.

ThingaOS™ operates on all popular ecosystems including Amazon, Google and Apple, while supporting their respective voice interfaces. Integrating several devices and ecosystems also eliminates the need for the user to operate several device related apps.

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