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With focus on IoT for the real world, we digitalize your products and operations by delivering proven IoT solutions and IoT connectivity for a broad range of companies and industries. Whether you need reliable low-power-wide-area or high-performance-fast-respons connectivity, locally or globally, we've got you covered.

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    Meet Telia Company

    At Telia Company we constantly reinvent what better connected lives, businesses, cities and societies look like. We provide the backbone of the digital society – connectivity – as well as innovative solutions that are vital in creating a better future.

    We digitalize your world. Your products. Your operation. IoT gives you powerful tools to increase efficiency, reduce waste and unlock new value. We deliver industry-specific IoT solutions for speed to market as well as IoT connectivity options to suit your specific needs, both locally and globally. We give you managed IoT connectivity with the tools that puts you in controll and gives you the reliability and security you need for your business-critical IoT.

    To put it simply,we're the best way to connect your products in a scalable and compliant way.

    Telia Company
    Telia Company
    IoT for the real world.
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