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oneM2M is the global standards initiative that covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security solutions, and interoperability for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. oneM2M was formed in 2012 and consists of eight of the world's preeminent standards development organizations: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (U.S.), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (U.S.), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea), and TTC (Japan).

Streamline Messaging and Take the Load off IoT Sensors

Streamline Messaging and Take the Load Off IoT Sensors

An important IoT sustainability strategy is to streamline the size and frequency of sensor messages without losing information.
energy savings by power down

Greening by ICT: IoT Sustainability by Design

Sustainability is enhanced when IoT applications, communications networks, and end-point devices operate in harmony.
NB-IoT Cellular

IoT Communications: Size Matters

Design and engineering choices can impact IoT communications, minimal sensor applications, energy consumption, and sustainability.
Tools IoT

Building IoT Systems with Reusable Tools

With IoT deployment growing in popularity, there must be tools and ways of building interoperable and reusable devices for maximum efficiency.
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