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We build massive mesh networks for the IoT.


5 Reasons to Use IoT Mesh Networks
IoT companies have been looking for ways to improve their own networks, and implementing an IoT mesh topology is one great way to begin. ...
Thingsquare Jun 24, 2021
Engineering Skills Needed on Your IoT Development Team
IoT projects are engineering-heavy, and IoT development is hard. One of the reasons is that it requires so many different technical skills....
Thingsquare Jun 8, 2021
Cloud Software
Cloudless IoT: IoT Without the Cloud
Sometimes your IoT product needs the cloud. But sometimes, it's better to provide a cloudless solution....
Thingsquare May 24, 2021
Building an IoT Mesh Network for Retail
Building your own IoT mesh network with simple wireless sensors instead of cameras can help retail store owners better understand shopper behavior. ...
Thingsquare Mar 24, 2021
IoT Prototyping and Development
How to Start an IoT Project
Enterprise IoT projects are engineering-heavy and knowing the types of skills needed beforehand makes you more likely to succeed with your project. This article discusses the IoT developer skills need...
Thingsquare Nov 1, 2019

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Thingsquare builds massive wireless IoT mesh networks - and integrates them into your products and projects. Thousands of nodes per network and years of battery life. No third-party infrastructure needed.
We build massive mesh networks for the IoT.
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