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ThinkRace Technologies

ThinkRace founded in 2006, is an innovative manufacturer focused on providing OEM/ODM service for different kind of IoT devices such as GPS tracker, Wearable device and elderly emergency equipment together with integrated software and mobile app solutions.

ThinkRace is not just a manufacturer but also a place can give life to your ideas. We focus on IOT/GPS/Fitness tracker for more than 12 years, It take us 12 years to build an excellent engineer team and high reliability system to make sure we can deliver good products. ThinkRace are working together with a lot of world-class enterprises on OEM/ODM/JDM projects.They are including Vodafone, Orange, Huawei, TaTa, G4S... Beside device manufacturing, ThinkRace is probably one of the most sophisticated technology companies in IOT industry who is keeping innovation: Rola, NBIoT, MQTT, 4G, AWS IoT SDK, Open API...

Engineering Culture

ThinkRace have an experienced technical team with more than 100 engineers. Some of them come from top companies like Huawei, Lenovo, OPPO. They leverage their experience in the field of IOT/gps/wireless/wearable, and the engineering culture as well. Under the engineering culture, they build things solve the problems, they will speak up when thing is not right, they are fascinated by the best algorithm, architecture and craftsmanship of a new smart device...

Keep openness

Our culture of openness, collaboration, and continuous innovation is reflected in the products that we made. The open mindset promotes collaboration between the clients and us. We know our clients will use the devices to solve problems, they need the devices integrate with their existing system. An open architecture makes cross-platform interoperability possible. It’s impossible to talk about openness without addressing the topic of open source.

International services

ThinkRace already setup sub-branches in India, Vietnam and Canada. Our greatest experience comes from delivery/deploy products and services to some fortune 500 companies, telecom carriers worldwide. Born in cross culture, battle-tested in the projects and the commercial operation, our team are revolutionizing the way providing professional services across an extraordinarily diverse range of enterprises.

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