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The DMSS Network is Low Power Sensor-to-Satellite (LP-S2S) connectivity where communication is direct from the endpoint to the satellite constellation anywhere on earth (even indoors) in real-time with no gateways required via a thumbnail size modem supporting multi-year battery life with embedded antennas. Totum manages everything from the modem inside the DMSS SOC (System-on-Chip) to the constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites, and back down to a network of ground stations around the world.




Meet Totum Labs

Totum is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity provider. We are a 2 year old venture backed deep technology company and just starting to announce ourselves to the world.

Our core technical team has decades of deep communication and chip design expertise. The name of our technology is Doppler Multichannel Spread Spectrum (DMSS). DMSS connectivity will be delivered via a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. This network will be global, support endpoints with multi-year batter life, <1 inch square modem with <$4 modem cost, few dollars per YEAR subscription cost, and will penetrate indoors without additional required infrastructure. This technology also has the ability to track location via the waveform without an additional GPS/GNSS receiver. It is a very good connectivity method for asset tracking and telemetry.

If you are a Solution Provider, Totum would love to get on your product roadmap so you can take advantage of our connectivity offering when our satellite network goes live in 2022.

Totum Labs
Totum Labs
Revolutionary wireless tech for monitoring assets.
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