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Transcendent® is an operations management software providing customer, employee, and asset information beyond the traditional office. We help you track assets, improve workflow, and provide a better return on investment. Transcendent is in 6 continents, 70 countries, and speaks 18 languages. Discover how facilities are using our software to manage, track, and protect assets and inventory from planning to retirement.

Fortune 100 mobility for businesses with 1,000 assets or 100,000,000. Transcendent® offers software solutions for better asset and maintenance management that will help save you money on energy and labor costs by making your operations more efficient and effective. Talk to us and see why some of the largest companies in the world use our software.
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How Connected Devices are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers are implementing Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices to leverage predictive maintenance, data analytics, and more.
Man wearing augmented reality headset

Augmented Reality Is Becoming a Focus in Maintenance Technology

AR maintenance applications are helping the industrial sector achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investment. Here's how.
Image of an oil rig

How the Oil Industry Can Benefit from IoT Technology

There are IoT applications in the oil industry that could potentially mitigate the worst effects of oil spills. We could prevent the next Deepwater Horizon.
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How IoT is Changing Wastewater Management

Water is perhaps one of the most precious natural resources. With rapid urbanization, water is quickly becoming scarce. Organizations and systems that operate wastewater management processes have ...
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