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Troverlo’s patented technology enables any standard Wi-Fi chip to be an asset tag that can be located and have data gathered from anywhere in the world with no connectivity, no configuration, no special app required. Troverlo's Global Observation Network (passive crowdsourcing) enables Troverlo Tags to be tracked and traced across the globe in addition to collecting sensor data.

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    Meet Troverlo

    Troverlo is an asset tracking data platform corporation whose unique technology enables companies across the globe to gather key data on all owned assets. Unlike traditional tracking technology, assets and sensors no longer need GPS or connectivity to be located and to transmit data. Our patented technology revolutionizes asset location tracking and IoT data collection, combines the data in a secure cloud platform, and provides multiple interfaces for our customers to collect insights on all owned assets around the world.

    Troverlo is headquartered in College Station, TX and is led by a team of executives who each individually have decades of experience in the technology industry.

    Global Connectionless Asset Tracking
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