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Twisthink transforms companies by bringing new digital and connected offerings to life that their customers desire. We achieve this by leveraging a human-centered design process (HCD) to create new user experiences with digital technology.

Twisthink is a professional service firm that partners with companies to develop digital strategies and solutions.

Our strategists, designers, creators, developers, engineers, and optimists are not content with the status quo. We see what’s possible – and build what’s next – so companies can deliver what’s valuable to their customers. We help create what hasn't been created by applying new technology to unwired and analog things, but we only do it when value is the output. The problems we help solve range from ergonomics and healthcare to transportation and everything in between. Because at Twisthink, we're not tied to a specific set of industries. We're tied to the human experience.

How To Decide Between a Custom vs Off-the-Shelf IoT Solution

How To Decide Between a Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf IoT Solution

Choosing between custom vs. off-the-shelf IoT solutions comes down to whether the solution meets your desirability, feasibility, and viability needs.
The Power of Technology: Why be Threatened by Technology When You Can Thrive With It?

The Power of Technology: Why Be Threatened by Technology When You Can Thrive With...

When you hit the right balance between technology and people and allow machines to work for you, you can unlock the true power of technology.
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6 Questions to Ask to Drive and Realize IoT Success

Getting to the end of a complicated IoT project isn't about guesswork, nor is it simply about grinding it out. Here are six questions to ask to drive IoT success.
human-centered design IoT

Human-Centered Design: Addressing The Top Reason 75 Percent of IoT Initiatives Fail

IoT initiatives often fail due to a lack of focus on end-user needs. Human-centered design helps bring focus and clarity to the design process.
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