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Cat 1bis, 5G RedCap & Satellite NTN: Which Should You Choose?
Cat 1bis, 5G RedCap, and Satellite NTN: The future of IoT connectivity. Benefits, use cases, and how to choose the right technology....
Velocity IoT May 27, 2024
Enhancing IoT Connectivity: Leveraging Multi-IMSI and eUICC Solutions for Strategic Growth
Multi-IMSI and eUICC technologies have become pivotal, facilitating seamless global communication beyond the limitations of traditional SIMs....
Velocity IoT Apr 9, 2024

Meet Velocity IoT

Velocity IoT empowers businesses and individuals to fully leverage IoT by enhancing accessibility to connected technologies. Our streamlined global connectivity solution, facilitated through a single SIM card and vendor relationship, simplifies smart connectivity. Tailored for IoT applications, our solution is scalable, reliable, and efficient, incorporating advanced features like remote SIM provisioning and automatic carrier switching for uninterrupted connectivity. With expertise in versatile connectivity options, we serve as a crucial facilitator in the dynamic IoT landscape, guiding clients to maximize the benefits of these technologies. Choosing Velocity IoT means gaining a dedicated partner focused on delivering customized solutions that precisely meet your unique requirements.

Velocity IoT
Velocity IoT
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