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The new standard in building connectivity. Wattsense is an on-demand, non-intrusive building connectivity service. We help forward-thinking facility managers deliver operational efficiency and create higher-value customer services.

The new generation of building connectivity.

A Building Operating System that connects technical assets to your building management apps. Wattsense assures property owners stay in control of their facilities.

Plug and Play 

Wattsense is super simple to install in the field by an electrician. You can configure it in no time from anywhere.

Connect it all 

With numerous communication protocols - open and closed - and a growing database of over 500 pieces of equipment, we help you connect to any device, wired, or IoT. If a device is not already in our database, just let us know, and we will add it for free.


Wattsense comes ready to connect with a large variety of awesome smart building applications. They offer innovative, performing, and scalable services to better manage buildings.

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