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Waylay is a leading enterprise automation software company at the forefront of digital transformation.

Waylay is a leading enterprise IT-OT digital unification software company delivering low-code orchestration, automation and analytics software solutions. Waylay has a passion for supporting citizen developer communities and ensuring it puts all valuable data to work for developers, data scientists and domain experts. Most importantly, Waylay guarantees its customers a significant reduction in cost and time to market new digital transformation projects to eventually make their enterprises become one. Waylay offers 3 products: Waylay IO for developers and SMEs, Waylay Enterprise, and Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce.

Smart Buildings for Indoor Smart Air Quality Monitoring

Smart Air Quality Monitoring in Buildings

Smart air quality monitoring plays a vital role in the overall health and well-being of building occupants as well as the environment.
benefits of hyperautomation

The A to Z Benefits of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is based on the integrated formation of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.
digital transformation in oss/bss

Digital Transformation in the OSS/BSS Space

CSPs can take full control of their digital transformation journey by introducing a companion automation layer to the existing OSS/BSS stack.
low code automation platform

Utilizing a Low-Code Automation Platform for Collaboration

A low-code automation platform will unify disparate things and allow for a shared canvas to translate ideas into live services.
automation operating system

Digital Transformation & Automation Operating Systems

Enterprises are having a difficult time trying to achieve full-blown digital transformation and automation OS may provide a solution.
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