Best IoT Newsletters of 2018


It’s hard to keep up with the latest IoT news, trends, and hacks if you don’t have hours a day to spend reading. Between new technologies, applications, and industries, staying up to date can actually feel like an impossible task, so I asked the IoT For All team to share their go-to newsletters.

Here are some of the best IoT newsletters for staying plugged in to the connected world:

Stacey’s IoT Newsletter

Stacey Higginbotham is a high tech, policy, and financial reporter with deep expertise on the Internet of Things. In both her newsletter and popular podcast, she covers the impact of IoT on enterprises, developers, and consumers. Her weekly newsletter is a great resource to stay up-to-date on industry news and to gain expert insight into current trends and technologies.

Highlight: Stacey’s super in-depth dive into industry news provides the expert insight you need to really understand changes in technologies, standards, and more.

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Momenta Edge Newsletter

Momenta Partners are a strategic advisory company specifically for connected companies. On a weekly basis they share articles, news, upcoming webinars and events, and regularly feature interviews with leading executives implementing IoT.

Highlight: For those interested in the overall landscape of IoT companies and startups, this newsletter shares updates on big moves in the industry, relevant acquisitions, and funding rounds.

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Between new technologies, applications, and industries, staying up to date with IoT can actually feel like an impossible task. Click To Tweet

Benedict Evan’s Tech Newsletter

Benedict, who works for Andreessen Horowitz, puts out a weekly newsletter on everything you need to know in the tech world. You can find the top news of the week, interesting articles and blog posts, cool things that have happened, and statistics. While it’s not specifically aimed at IoT, it’s a great compilation of tech news and insights to keep you updated on the world of IoT and beyond.

Highlight: The number of articles included means you are sure to get a good glimpse of what is going on in technology, and the statistics are always very insightful.

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IoT For All Weekly Newsletter

We’re really proud of our newsletter, so we couldn’t not include it. We created our weekly newsletter based off of all the information our own team wished we could get in one place. Every Thursday morning we’ll deliver the top 5 news headlines from the past week, upcoming industry events, and the best articles from our site and around the web.

Highlight: We always include a fun gif, joke, or something extra to brighten your day. We also share discount codes for industry events around the world.

We hope these newsletters make it a little easier to stay up-to-date on everything IoT! Which newsletters do you read to stay connected? Comment below and let us know.