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panda numpy python libraries

Pandas vs. NumPy: Which is Best for Data Analysis?

When considering Pandas vs NumPy, it's important to highlight the key differences in design, function, syntax, and language.
data science projects 2022

Data Science Projects to Add to Your Portfolio in 2022

Adding data science projects to your portfolio will help you obtain deeper knowledge and gain experience in the data science business.
data science iot

Data Science for IoT: How Does It Work?

Data science for IoT is a major upgrade of traditional data analytics. It takes the extra step to make data science more robust, powerful, and accurate. IoT makes it possible thanks to its data gen...
global IoT adoption United States

6 Things to Know About Global IoT Adoption

The Microsoft IoT Signals report investigates the global state of IoT in industries like manufacturing, smart places, energy, and mobility (automotive, transportation, and logistics). The report su...
IoT Workforce

Engineering Skills Needed on Your IoT Development Team

IoT projects are engineering-heavy, and IoT development is hard. One of the reasons is that it requires so many different technical skills.
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