Akenza Introduces New Features In Latest Product Release

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Akenza is thrilled to announce its latest product release. This update is packed with new features that make it even simpler and faster to build smart solutions with ease.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in this release:

Build Custom Dashboards with Ease

One of the most significant updates is the new dashboard builder, which makes it easy to create custom dashboards to display data the way you want it. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly design and customize your dashboard to fit your specific needs.

New Connectivity Features

Akenza now offers Swisscom LPN Roaming, which allows LoRaWAN coverage in several European countries, including the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. This makes it easy for you to connect and monitor your devices across borders without worrying about multiple network operators or complex roaming agreements.

In addition to Swisscom LPN Roaming, akenza partnered with IoTcreators.com to offer global roaming for NB-IoT and LTE Cat. M1. This integration adds support to connect cellular devices via UDP, CoAP, and MQTT, making it easier than ever to connect your SIM-based devices to the cloud. 

Finally, MQTT security features have been improved to include per-device public/private key authentication using JSON Web Tokens. This means that each device on your network can be authenticated with its unique set of credentials, adding an extra layer of security to your IoT solution. 

Device Onboarding Assistant

To simplify the device onboarding process, akenza has developed a new mobile-optimized web app that guides users through the device onboarding process step by step. With the device onboarding assistant, all you have to do is scan a QR code on your device, and the app will guide you through the setup process. This is a great feature that addresses large-scale deployments where the installation is executed by non-technical staff. 

Gain Deeper Insights with Location Data

Akenza has also added direct support for the Swisscom LPN positioning service. This feature is perfect for use cases where a rough estimation of the device’s current location is needed but without relying on a GPS-enabled device. The location is estimated based on the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). 

Finally,  the latest update introduces a new pricing model that will make it easier for businesses to scale their IoT projects as needs grow. The cost per device per month is now substantially cheaper on all plans and volume discounts on larger quantities were introduced. This comes with a new data retention and storage pricing model. Instead of a flat fee, businesses will now be charged based on their usage. This will make it more flexible for businesses to manage their data storage needs and ensure they are only paying for what they need.

We’re committed to making IoT accessible to everyone, and we believe that these new features will help our users deploy their smart solutions with ease.

Jonas Schmid, Co-CEO & VP of Business

To learn more about how akenza can support your IoT stack, visit akenza.io or sign up for a free trial today. Stay tuned for more updates on the product release on the akenza blog.

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Akenza AG
Akenza AG
Akenza is the self-service IoT platform, allowing you to build great IoT products and services with value. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place.
Akenza is the self-service IoT platform, allowing you to build great IoT products and services with value. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place.