Eseye Named Champion eSIM Connectivity Provider by Kaleido Intelligence


Eseye’s Connectivity Management Platform also recognized as a High Flyer following launch of innovative, award-winning Infinity IoT Platform™

Guildford, UK: Eseye, a pioneer of leading-edge IoT connectivity solutions, has been recognized by Kaleido Intelligence, a leading connectivity market intelligence and consulting firm, as a Kaleido Champion eSIM Cellular Connectivity Provider for its AnyNet+ eSIM solution, for the second consecutive year.

Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM solution, featuring advanced multi-IMSI SIM and eUICC technology, was recognized due to its ability to seamlessly switch between network profiles over-the-air without any loss of connectivity, following the new eUICC GSMA standard. The solution allows customers to switch across 700 networks in more than 190 countries, guaranteeing near-100% connectivity uptime.

“The AnyNet+ eSIM embedded in our charge points offers the ability to network, manage and effectively switch connectivity to another provider if needed. This ensures our chargers have high uptime wherever they are located, and our customers can simply tap, charge, and drive,” comments Gary Kirkland, CTO of EV charging company, InstaVolt.

Kaleido Intelligence’s Connectivity Vendor Hub H2 2022 research provides the most up-to-date rankings and scores for IoT connectivity service providers across four categories. These include providers of IoT CMPs, Private Networks, eSIM Connectivity, and eSIM Subscription Management services.

The research was conducted over a four-month period, with the goal of informing the industry on the vast array of connectivity providers’ product offerings. During this process, it analyzed over 60 product offerings, from approximately 40 companies, with over 150 product features assessed across vendors’ CMP and eSIM offerings. More than 90% of vendors offering both technologies engaged in the study.

“Eseye has developed a technically advanced eSIM connectivity solution that combines a self-owned SM-SR, SM-DP, a cloud abstraction layer, and combined multi-IMSI and eUICC SIM technology. Eseye’s technology, alongside a leading number of MNO SM-SR/SM-DP interconnects, mean that many of the challenges associated with eUICC profile switching are avoided,” remarks Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence.

You can find out more about Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM solution here.

Infinity IoT Platform™ Strengthens Connectivity Management Platform

Eseye’s Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) has also been recognized as a Kaleido ‘High Flyer’, following the launch of its next-generation ‘mission control’ Infinity IoT Platform™. Infinity has delivered several improvements to Eseye’s CMP in the realm of automation and fleet management, which has resulted in a strong solution combining high-quality connectivity and robust security for all types of enterprises.

The Infinity IoT Platform™ delivers a single, customizable and scalable network for existing and future global IoT deployments, as per customer requirements. With Infinity, organizations can right-size, change and optimize connectivity as their requirements, the market, and technology evolve. It also enables customers to manage existing legacy SIMs, as well as Eseye AnyNet+ SIMs, and emerging iSIM solutions, all in one place.

Sorrell commended Eseye: “The launch of the Infinity IoT Platform has delivered several improvements to its CMP in the realm of automation and fleet management which has resulted in a strong product suited to all types of enterprises. The company’s underlying technology allows it to offer high-quality connectivity resilience, in addition to robust security.”

Commenting on Kaleido Intelligence’s recognition, Nick Earle, Eseye CEO: “Achieving Champion status from Kaleido Intelligence for our eSIM connectivity technology, two years in a row, is validation of Eseye’s market-leading position as a category leader. For many years our vision has been to deliver highly reliable global IoT connectivity, helping enterprises confidently deploy IoT at scale. We are delighted that our innovation and cellular engineering prowess have been recognized in this way by Kaleido Intelligence.

“At the same time, as the market increasingly moves away from traditional SIMs, as evidenced by Apple’s decision to employ eSIMs in US variants of the latest iPhone, organizations require an ‘all-in-one’, end-to-end approach for managing complex and growing IoT estates, which Eseye delivers through its next generation Infinity Platform. The entire Eseye team deserves credit for our Infinity CMP being recognized with ‘High Flyer’ status from Kaleido Intelligence, as we strive to help customers manage increasingly complex IoT deployments,” adds Earle.

To find out more information about the Infinity IoT Platform™ here.

Eseye Wins Multiple Awards

Alongside its recognition from Kaleido Intelligence, Eseye was recently awarded the prestigious Best IoT Security Platform (Platinum) accolade from Juniper Research’s Future Digital Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards, for its innovative Infinity IoT Platform™.

Furthermore, Eseye CEO Nick Earle also received Juniper Research’s IoT Mover and Shaker Award, which recognizes those who have pioneered innovation and disruption in the IoT space.

About Eseye

We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity.

We have everything you need to move from initial concept to global deployment. We do this through seamless IoT connectivity, technical device services, and versatile hardware, backed by round-the-clock support. All with an intense focus on enabling our customers to drive business value, deploy differentiated experiences, and disrupt their markets – without limits.

Together, our AnyNet+ eSIM technology, Infinity IoT Connectivity Platform™ and partner ecosystem connect millions of devices across 190 countries. We bring together over 700 networks for 100% global coverage – and our flexible technology platform means our customers are ready for whatever else the future holds. Global brands that trust us to deliver including Costa Express, Bosch, Amazon, Siemens, and Philips. Find out more at

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Eseye is a leader in global IoT connectivity solutions, bringing the deep expertise needed to integrate and optimise device connectivity across 190 countries and over 700 networks, delivering near-100% uptime. We bring decades of end-to-end exper...
Eseye is a leader in global IoT connectivity solutions, bringing the deep expertise needed to integrate and optimise device connectivity across 190 countries and over 700 networks, delivering near-100% uptime. We bring decades of end-to-end exper...