Eseye named as #1 Champion eSIM Connectivity Provider by Kaleido Intelligence


Kaleido Intelligence Vendor Hub has named Eseye as the #1 market leader for eSIM Connectivity Solutions, making it three consecutive years holding the coveted Champion status. 

Eseye, a pioneer of leading-edge IoT connectivity solutions, is proud to announce that it has been named the #1 Champion for its eSIM Connectivity Solution by Kaleido Intelligence, a leading connectivity market intelligence and consulting firm. This is the third consecutive year that Eseye has been awarded the Champion eSIM Connectivity Solutions in Kaleido’s annual Vendor Hub assessment, and this year as the #1 provider against 25 connectivity vendors assessed. Additionally, its Infinity Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) has been ranked a High Flyer in the industry, which underpins the eSIM Connectivity offering and further enhances Eseye’s market-leading position for providing the best IoT connectivity available.  

“We are honoured to be recognised as a Kaleido Champion for eSIM Connectivity Solutions provider in the industry for the third consecutive year, and this year as the #1 assessed vendor. This amazing achievement is an outstanding recognition of our technical capabilities in the IoT connectivity market and reinforces our leading position to deliver highly reliable global IoT connectivity that helps enterprises confidently deploy IoT at scale anywhere in the world. IoT can make a positive difference to hundreds of thousands of businesses and people across the globe, but it is only possible with near-100% connectivity reliability.” 

Eseye’s CEO Nick Earle

Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity solution includes advanced multi-IMSI and eUICC technology, and its AnyNet Federation has extensive access to over 700 mobile networks across the globe, allowing it to intelligently provide an optimized blend of local and roaming solutions to deliver ultra-reliable device connectivity. Eseye’s connectivity strategy from the outset was to provide more choices and options, not only across different MNOs and regions to maximize resiliency and performance but also across more commercial options, to protect long-term investments, and to provide the maximum flexibility to customers around how they integrate with operators. This is evident in the company’s most recent partnership with MTN, a South African mobile network operator, that signed a multi-year agreement with Eseye to help it provide resilient IoT connectivity capabilities across Africa and beyond. 

The solution was commended for its ability to work seamlessly with Eseye’s on-device connectivity software (AnyNet SMARTconnect™) to enhance the overall solution and deliver intelligent, optimized near-100% connectivity uptime globally. This addresses a major challenge for many companies today, as findings from the latest Eseye State of IoT Adoption report reveal that only 1% of companies surveyed are getting anywhere near this level of connectivity uptime. 

Eseye is committed to delivering simple, secure, and intelligent global connectivity that supports its powerful enterprise IoT platform and launched SMARTconnect earlier this year to support on-device connectivity. This works in partnership with the Eseye AnyNet eSIM and multi-award-winning Infinity IoT Platform to maximize connectivity. Infinity is a single connectivity platform that simplifies connectivity management for the whole IoT estate allowing enterprises to manage all of their devices through a single view. 

Kaleido Champion Vendors are firms that demonstrate an outstanding industry offering in Kaleido’s view while Kaleido High Flyers are recognized for their highly regarded and comprehensive industry offering.  

“The scoring achieved by Eseye for eSIM Connectivity demonstrates an outstanding product offering from the 25 vendors assessed. The roaming and localization coverage footprint and an innovative underlying technology proposal offer leading capabilities for connectivity resilience and optimization.” 

Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence

Kaleido Intelligence 2023 assessment has expanded on last year’s. In total, it assessed over 60 eSIM and CMP offerings, from 39 vendors. Following its assessment of 25 eSIM Connectivity vendors, using the same selection process across all offerings, to provide the most impartial and detailed industry view, Eseye was identified as the leading solution in the market. The scoring focused on various factors including industry presence, product capabilities, and innovation roadmap. 

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Eseye is a leader in global IoT connectivity solutions, bringing the deep expertise needed to integrate and optimise device connectivity across 190 countries and over 700 networks, delivering near-100% uptime. We bring decades of end-to-end exper...
Eseye is a leader in global IoT connectivity solutions, bringing the deep expertise needed to integrate and optimise device connectivity across 190 countries and over 700 networks, delivering near-100% uptime. We bring decades of end-to-end exper...