Exploring Dynamic Partnerships: Qubitro Partner Series Kick-Off With RAKwireless


In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is key to driving innovation and propelling industries forward. Businesses across various domains are realizing the value of strategic partnerships that leverage each other’s strengths and expertise. Device Data Platform (DDP), Qubitro has taken a significant step in this direction with the inauguration of its “Qubitro Partner Series.” This series aims to shine a spotlight on the remarkable partnerships that drive Qubitro’s success, starting with an exciting event featuring RAKwireless.

The inaugural event featured RAKwireless, a prominent name in the IoT hardware domain. As a leading provider of cutting-edge wireless connectivity solutions, RAKwireless brought its extensive expertise to the forefront, demonstrating how hardware and software integration can result in unparalleled IoT solutions. The event delved into the intricacies of their collaboration with Qubitro, highlighting the seamless integration of Qubitro’s robust IoT platform with RAKwireless’ state-of-the-art hardware.

During the event, we hosted Fernando Hernandez (Business Development & Partner Manager) and Carl Erick Rowan (Technical Marketing & IoT Product Specialist) from RAKwireless.

Key Takeaways from the Event:

  1. RAKwireless Overview and IoT Solutions: RAKwireless, founded in 2014, emerged from a strong wireless industry background. Initially focused on Wi-Fi solutions, the company later shifted its main focus to the LoRaWAN ecosystem due to its distinctive features. RAKwireless offers end-to-end IoT solutions with in-house developed hardware and software. They excel in various verticals like smart cities, smart agriculture, smart buildings, and more.
  2. Differentiating Factors: Passion for Making IoT Easy: RAKwireless stands out through their passion for simplifying IoT, encapsulated in their motto “IoT Made Easy.” They emphasize affordability, excellent documentation, and accessible technical support. This commitment to user-friendly experiences differentiates them from other IoT hardware providers and resonates with both customers and partners.
  3. Quality and Performance Acknowledgements: RAKwireless’ commitment to quality and performance is reflected in partnerships with reputable organizations like Arduino and Senet. Their collaboration with Arduino on the WisBlock gateway highlights their reliability and excellence. Integration with major LNS providers, like Senet, further validates their hardware’s quality and performance.
  4. Importance of Partnerships in IoT: Partnerships are essential in the IoT ecosystem, as they complete the “triple puzzle” of hardware, connectivity, and application. RAKwireless recognizes that their role in the hardware domain complements solutions provided by software and connectivity providers like Qubitro. Collaboration is prioritized over competition, contributing to the growth and success of the IoT landscape.
  5. Targeted Industry Verticals: Sustainability and Smart Solutions: RAKwireless is committed to making IoT even easier for end customers. They prioritize Plug and Play solutions to enhance user experiences. Additionally, the company aims to address critical industry verticals, including smart sustainability, smart cities, smart buildings, and smart agriculture. These verticals align with their commitment to improving people’s lives and addressing real-world challenges.

Additionally, Carl Erick Rowan discussed the RAKwireless line of products, the WisBlock offering (Modular IoT Hardware Platform), how to integrate The Things Stack (TTS) into the Qubitro, and made a live tutorial on creating a WisBlock Sensor Dashboard.

What Lies Ahead

The successful launch of the Qubitro Partner Series with RAKwireless is just the beginning of an exciting journey. As Qubitro continues to forge alliances with partners across diverse domains, each event in the series promises to be a window into the collaborative efforts that define the evolution of the IoT landscape.

Stay tuned for upcoming installments of the Qubitro Partner Series, where we will continue to bring you insights, success stories, and transformative partnerships that shape the future of IoT.

Intrigued? Watch the full event recording here and immerse yourself in the world of innovation, collaboration, and limitless possibilities in the realm of IoT.

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Qubitro is a device data platform (DDP) built for a hyper-connected world and used by companies of all sizes— from visionary startups to large enterprises across 40+ countries.
Qubitro is a device data platform (DDP) built for a hyper-connected world and used by companies of all sizes— from visionary startups to large enterprises across 40+ countries.