I²oT Solutions New SmartSense-Manager Platform Combines IoT, Asset Management, Energy Management, and Artificial Intelligence.


After a long period of research and development, I²oT Solutions was able to create a cloud-based digital platform with world-first capabilities. I²oT SmartSense-manager is the only digital platform that combines IoT, activity management and maintenance, energy management and efficiency, and artificial intelligence.

Four systems, one platform.

The interconnection and integration of four well-known systems are what sets I²oT Solutions apart BMS (Building Management System), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) or EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), EMS (Energy Management System), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). This integration allows for interaction between these modules, and it serves as the foundation for the implementation of a condition-based maintenance system and an energy-efficiency system. With I2oT SmartSense-manager, the risk of data trafficking is reduced because data does not need to be exported for analysis, allowing companies to streamline and optimize their processes by facilitating data processing and analysis in real-time, allowing them to have all information about their activities, energy consumption, processes, and various variables on a single platform as well as, foreseeing the future, predicting behavior, errors, and anomalies.

Furthermore, because everything is contained in one software, the costs are lower than if four different software’s were used to meet all the requirements.

Although the platform has these four systems integrated into a single interface, it is not mandatory for the user to use all the modules, if you want you can use, for example, the Asset Management module, the modules can work individually. Without any problem for the user. However, making use of all modules gives many more benefits and functionalities, since as mentioned, the modules are completely correlated, which allows us to go further with the data, analysis, and intelligence that the platform offers.

How does it work?

For the correct functioning of this type of platform, DATA is necessary, without these it is impossible for the system to process information and generate results.

Our platform allows the integration of our own sensor network, additionally, a network of third-party sensors can be integrated through industrial protocols (Modbus, SMNP, Bacnet, Ethernet/IP), as well as the integration of SQL Server, MYSQL, MongoDB e Influxdb.

Although our Gateway is not essential to upload the data to the platform, this device has incredible functionalities for the user, such as Memory of Storage, Stand Alone functioning, and this device also allows to have an embedded platform, with which the user can access most of the functionalities of the cloud platform, but from the site where the device is located, that is, if the client doesn´t want it, they do not have to use the cloud service. This Gateway is a unique device about which we will provide more information soon.

Once all the necessary information has been obtained from the teams, the platform is responsible for the analysis and organization of that information, facilitating decision-making for the people in charge of the work area.

Application sectors

I²oT Solutions has experience in different industry sectors such as data centers, utilities, pharmaceutical sector, photovoltaic systems, retail, among others. With which its clients have managed to obtain multiple benefits such as savings in time, money, and energy. It is easily adaptable and configurable for any other industrial and service sector.

Our hardware solutions are developed to solve specific problems for multiple sectors.

Mateo Correa
Chief Marketing Officer

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The real Industrial Digital Transformation
The real Industrial Digital Transformation