IoT Project of the Year 2022 Names 12 Best Telematics Solutions


The world’s only contest for IoT solutions IoT project of the year was held for the third time and named 12 best projects over the last 12 months. The companies that won managed to create the most functional solutions, implement non-standard ideas using telematics and IoT technologies in different industries. These projects were implemented globally, from Switzerland, Israel and Lithuania to Mexico, South Africa and Lebanon. The winners were announced on October 9, 2022, in Dubai.

International jury of IoT experts from well-known companies in the industry such as  Wialon, Teltonika Telematics, Volvo Construction Equipment, IoT M2M Council, Queclink Wireless Solutions and Xirgo Global | Sensata named the winners in 11 nominations. They were determined in different categories: from cold chain transportation and long-haul shipping to agriculture and public safety. And the brightest project among all the participants got the Community Choice award. The winner has been decided by the open voting in the IoT and telematics community. The biggest number of votes went to a project implemented by an enterprise solution provider MaliaTec from Lebanon.

The IoT project of the year contest was open to any company. Their location, software and hardware selection, as well as the size of the company, were of no importance. What really mattered was whether a solution changes a client’s business for the better.

“Today we all witness IoT getting embedded into more and more industries all over the globe. The flexibility of the technology means solutions are limited only by users’ creativity. And the IoT project of the year contest is aimed to highlight the best industry solutions delivered over the past year and inspire businesses to become more efficient through IoT,” says Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, Gurtam.

This year, projects submitted from 24 countries showed that the possibilities and potential of telematics and IoT can be used in any business to optimize processes, reduce costs and remarkably stand out in the market. For example, over a million dollars was saved by the largest Mexican beef, pork, and chicken exporter due to the CTTMX telematics solution, that prevented cargo and vehicle theft. MaliaTec optimized cold chain delivery of a leading provider of cold chain solutions across the UAE. The result was an achievement of an average success ratio of 98.2 percent for guaranteed next day deliveries, while the industry standard rate is 70 percent. Gotthard Handels AG from Switzerland implemented a tracking solution for the railway construction wagons allowing the rental company to significantly improve their asset management.

I would say that the main challenge for businesses that IoT and telematics technologies can solve is money loss due to various reasons: harsh driving behavior, that provokes penalties and accidents on the road, thefts of whatever kind including fuel, vehicles and merchandise, and uncontrolled maintenance, that leads to breakdown and damage, and many other points. And we see how the IoT tools used to solve these challenges become more advanced and efficient,” says Andrei Liatsetski, Jury Chairman, Head of Project Implementation, Wialon.

The IoT project of the year contest is hosted by the team behind Wialon, an ultimate telematics and IoT platform. The idea of the award is to demonstrate the incredible development pace of the Internet of Things and telematics; to show how innovative and sometimes extraordinary projects change not only a specific business but also the spheres of human life – from offering personal safety to contributing to environmental problems.

The winners of the IoT project of the year 2022

Community Choice & Cold chain transportation nominations. MaliaTec (Lebanon)

Project: Last mile delivery optimization for a leading provider of cold chain solutions across the UAEs. The implemented solution allowed the company to narrow down the delivery waiting time, decrease mileage, and achieve an extraordinarily high percentage of guaranteed next-day deliveries. Learn more.

Ready-mix concrete nomination. Geoservice 

Project: Dispatch management system and a client portal for a building material company. The solution keeps dispatchers and clients updated on the total of 500 orders daily. It significantly improved the level of transparency, control and automation, bringing improvements to the level of services the company offers to its customers. Learn more.

Long-haul shipping nomination. Cobertura Total en Telemetría (Mexico)

Project: Accident monitoring system with AI cameras for a transportation company in Mexico. Because of the solution, Mexican transportation companies can determine responsibilities in accidents and identify poor control and driver management. Learn more.

Fuel transportation and storage nomination. Geoservice 

Project: Fuel consumption monitoring and fleet management tracking system for a wood industry company. The provided solution helped increase the company’s profits due to the 30-50 percent fuel savings and has positively impacted workers’ discipline. Learn more.

Construction and demolition nomination. Tracking Africa (South Africa)

Project: Fuel monitoring system for the Mahlubi Transport and Plant Hire, South Africa, saves fuel from being stolen and, as a result, helps to avoid considerable financial losses. 4,500 liters of fuel are saved every month by a construction company, and their fleet and cargo are under control now. Learn more.

Public transport nomination. KLOUDIP (Sri Lanka)

Project: Staff transport management system for a garment company in Sri Lanka. The solution improves not only staff transportation, but all the activities associated with it: booking, optimizing, payments, budgeting, control, and transparency for all the parties involved. Thus, IoT technology helps to save $12,500 per month. Learn more.

Agriculture nomination.Ananas Global (Israel)

Project: The project was designed for an Israeli IoT farming startup FarmManager and added GPS tracking and IoT functionality to their platform. Since then, several big Israeli agro holdings have implemented FarmManager. The product owners are getting ready for its international release as the platform now offers, among other features, getting telematics data from agricultural vehicles. Learn more.

Public safety nomination. MONTRANS 

Project: Driver safety monitoring system for a transportation company in the Arctic ensures safe transportation in remote areas with severe weather conditions. The solution prevents accidents and minimizes associated costs as well. Transportation has become more secure, so the client spends less money on wrecked vehicles, penalties, and damaged cargo. Learn more.

Local deliveries nomination. Ruptela (Lithuania)

Project: The winning project for Thailand Post Distribution offered by Ruptela provided the organization with a full-fledged vehicle fleet management system with requested features. Here are the results: authorized vehicle use, fewer theft cases, improved driver behavior and reduced fuel consumption. Learn more.

Special recognition nomination. Afritrack (Tanzania)

Project: Driver risk management system for a cargo management company in Tanzania provides the client’s operators with a single window to control driver behavior and unsafe driving incidents. It has also led to reduced associated risks, and introduced savings on fines and excessive idling. Learn more.

Special recognition nomination. Traklink (Jordan)

Project: Driver behavior monitoring for an international energy company in Jordan, where a safe work environment has always been a high priority. The driver behavior monitoring solution covers tens of parameters associated with Eco Driving. As a result, driving behavior has improved by 85 percent, speeding has decreased by 90 percent, and compliance with labor laws has increased by 95 percent. Learn more.

Special recognition nomination. Gotthard Handels AG (Switzerland)

Project: Gotthard Handels provided Railrental, a company that leases railway construction wagons in Switzerland, with a reliable LoRa asset tracking solution. It allows the rental company to improve the wagon management and provide better customer service. Learn more.

About Wialon 

IoT project of the year contest is organized by the team behind Wialon, a telematics and IoT platform with over 3.4 million vehicles and other assets connected all over the world. Solutions based on the Wialon IoT platform are implemented in over 150 countries.

Wialon brings control, data and resolution of hundreds of fleet management challenges to any vertical or business sphere one might imagine, depending on clients’ needs. The platform helps food and pharmacy delivery services to control temperature during transportation and storage, assists carriers in combating cargo and fleet theft, or ensures equipment monitoring in tomato fields in Chile and sugar cane harvesting in Guatemala. Wialon enables train tracking in Ireland and prevents road accidents, controls driver’s behavior in the US, tracks public transport and even keeps beehives safe.

Wialon is designed by Gurtam, a European GPS tracking and IoT solution developer with HQ in Vilnius and offices in Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires.

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Gurtam is a software development company and a service provider in real-time GPS monitoring, vehicle telematics, and fleet management solutions.
Gurtam is a software development company and a service provider in real-time GPS monitoring, vehicle telematics, and fleet management solutions.